How App Review Responses Will Help Your App

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App reviews and ratings play an important role in the overall growth of your App. They provide you with good traction if you take the feedback of the users seriously. Not only viewing these reviews will help you, but the app review responses from time to time to make a long lasting, positive impact on the users. Whether you do it traditionally by responding to every user review or have some tool in place for the same, following are the reasons that will encourage you do it more often:

Get better App ratings

If you want the user ratings to increase, you will have to fix the bugs and issues that they are reporting during the initial stages of your App. And it doesn’t end there. You need to tell them that you have fixed the bugs and see if it helps you retain more users and get better ratings if the same users had previously given a low rating. If they like your response, they will definitely not think of deleting the App.

You will know what’s missing in your App

It may so happen that you rushed through the release of your App and forgot to add some details that should have been mandatory in the first place. The app reviews will inform you a lot about these intrinsic details and it would be great if you express gratitude to the user for letting you know about the missing features or something related to the way your App works.

Improve your App before the release

You can learn a lot about your App’s vulnerability in the testing or beta stages of your App. This means that even if the users give a negative rating on your App, it won’t affect the App ranking and conversion rates on the App Store or Google Play Store. You can take those negative reviews and make them positive just before releasing the App and not face the same issues later on.

Gain the trust of your users

Nothing should be more important that than having the support and loyalty of your users. It may not seem productive at first, but even the small things matter like responding to them quickly, asking them about any specific feature or giving them a proper explanation if they can’t figure out something. You need to be smart enough to know when they really need the response, because that will ultimately make all the difference in increasing the App ratings.

Increase overall download numbers

How are you supposed to increase the App downloads without getting to know what the user actually expects from your App? Keeping an eye on the reviews regularly may not be an easy task but even if you can find and respond to one single update that’s needed, it will benefit several users who may be looking for the same update. This will eventually give you better downloads if the user thinks that the update was indeed very useful.

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