How Vectornator for iOS Became Such A Big Hit (INTERVIEW)

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Are you a pro graphic designer or someone who is just starting out bringing your creativity to life? Then you need to have a solid designing tool that will take your illustrations to the next level. Vectornator by Linearity GmbH is an incredible App that gives you the design tools you require for all kinds of projects. The developer spoke to us and he mentioned in brief about the company and key features of the App that are beneficial to its users.

1. We congratulate you on Vectornator’s success. Can you tell us what is your App about and who are the targeted users?

With Vectornator we reimagined how graphic design apps work on mobile devices. A revolutionary, context-based user interface combined with powerful features and high performance rendering makes this the perfect app for amateurs and professionals alike. Our new design philosophy is inspired by our users, built with amateurs and professionals in mind. Vectornator is the perfect place for new users to learn graphic design and grow their design skills. On the other hand, it offers a great environment for professionals to work for extensive hours on their next masterpiece.

2. What are the steps towards building a good company and do you believe that customers played a big role in your success?

Community is key. We strongly believe that when one has an amazing product everything else will follow on its own. That’s why we focus on building a great product that our community will love! We have more than 5,000 reviews worldwide with an average of 4.7 Stars.

3. Where does the graphic design industry stand as of today and how do you plan to grow in the coming years?

At the moment many professionals are still working on the desktop, but we feel that the mobile market will evolve and grow.  Utilizing power devices such as the iPad Pro, the possibilities are endless.

4. Is it true that you need to be “lucky” to make it big among your competitors?

Luck may play a big role.  But our company believes that when you listen to your community and provide the updates that they ask for then your company will be on the right path.  Many companies take their communities for granted. We on the other hand want to give back to ours and help them on their journey to becoming successful artists.

5. What are the things that didn’t work for you while developing this App?

In the early stages of app design one may run into hiccups.  It is important to stay positive. We try to problem solve while we are developing.  It is critical for us to make sure that updates perform well before releasing them to the public.

6. Do you plan to convert your Vectornator into subscription based service in the future?

We want to inspire everyone to work on their mobile devices. Keeping Vectornator free unlocks the ability for everyone to create illustrations, layouts and designs of any kind from anywhere. We really haven’t thought about what we will do in the future yet.

7. Would you like to add anything before signing off?

The Vectornator team really loves to see how creatives utilize the app.  It is fun to see people sharing their artwork on Social Media. In fact, started a ‘Weekly Art Challenge’!  It will be exciting to see how the community interprets each challenge!

The other great thing is our articles on Medium are getting really good feedback.  Artists are writing us and letting us know how they implemented ideas that had after reading our articles.  

Another great thing is we seeing more tutorials being shared created by people from our community.  This is great that they want to share how they use Vectornator in order inspire their followers! We have even heard from teachers have been teaching the app to their students!  

For us these types of things are very heartwarming!  When we see that our community is growing and sharing their designs, that is what makes us truly happy!  Then we know we have created something that people really like!

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