An Interview With Supertype – A Refreshing Game For iOS And Android

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If you enjoy playing physics based games, Supertype from Kamibox is a very interesting game and well crafted out of a unique idea that the developer Philipp Stollenmayer came across. He also shared how he went through the initial development of the game to the final stages, the motivation behind it and gave some valuable advice for the budding developers.

1. How did you conceive the idea for Supertype?

I browsed Facebook and saw that some friend liked the page of SuperHi, a web tutorial site. Their logo is an h and an i, falling down a line. I was intrigued by that idea and wanted to find out if this has potential. (It did)

2. The concept looks very interesting, the use of alphabets to complete the challenge. What make this approach work for you?

The small letters are basically a collection of 26 different geometrical shapes. That was super helpful, and gives the game another dimension, because you already know those shapes, you are just used to “overseeing” it.

3. What are the challenges that you faced during the App’s development?

I had a very tight schedule, because I wanted to get this far enough to show it around at GDC, and take part in an Indie Game contest there. Supertype is already my 16th mobile game, so I know the SDK quite well, and was pretty astonished that there was no single “surprise” that would slow down the development – It was really straightforward.

4. Is the game projected towards a targeted audience or a broad one?

A broad one. The first person to play my games is always my mom, and her feedback is gold. Even when I think, there is absolutely no chance of misinterpreting my instructions, she is able to prove me wrong. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but this first round of user testing helps me to keep my apps simple. I hope that everyone who plays the game for only a few seconds will understand how it works.

5. What has been your marketing strategy? What marketing techniques do you use to promote your App in this heavily competitive application space?

I don’t have any. The only thing I do is show the game around, to developer friends, to blogs, and of course to Apple and Google. If they like it, they tell about it. Same with the players, it is designed in a way to easily show it around and let friends experiment.

6. Are the users happy with the game’s pricing?

I haven’t received any complaints about the price model. Supertype is no game that I want to have ads in it, or in-app purchases. The concept is that the idea is easily explained, with a trailer or a GIF, and if the viewer likes that idea, he will either be okay with paying for it or not. I don’t want to trick anyone into playing something he doesn’t like.

7. Do you have any other Apps lined up for the future?

Yes, I do, but I can’t tell about it yet, because this will be the first time that someone else publishes it. And as long as I don’t have a release date, I can’t say anything about it. Just to tease it a bit, it will be a long and hard game.

8. Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring developers?

The most important thing is testing a lot. If I had published the first version of Supertype, no one would have understood what I was trying to do and would be super frustrated. In 90%, the game is too hard or gets too hard too quickly. With Supertype, I had these puzzles where I could imagine the solution, because I built it, but for others, it was only trial and error. To find that out, you have to test it, and take feedback seriously.

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