New Feature: Reply to App Reviews From Within rreviewss Dashboard

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We are super thrilled to announce that now you can reply to App reviews straight from within the rreviewss dashboard. Replying to customer reviews on time is extremely important. Not only does it make customers happy, it also plays a huge role in ASO.

We now have introduced the ability to reply to reviews from within the dashboard without any extrenal redirects. You just need to authenticate that you own the App by following the guidelines mentioned in your dashboard.

Once authenticated, you can simply view all reviews and click on the “Reply via dashboard” button. You will be able to type in your review reply and just click on Submit. That’s it! You’re done. The review will automatically be sent to the App Store Connect or Play Store Console to be shown on your official App page.

All other competitors charge atleast $199 for this feature while we are proud to activate this on your profile for just $19/month. We think it’s an incredible deal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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