How To Use Localization To Increase App Downloads

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One of the most neglected parts of App downloads is localization of Apps. Nobody ever thinks about this while publishing their App on the App Store and Google Play Store. The developers feel that it is okay to have the App entirely English not knowing that people in many countries prefer having it in their own language. Thus, localizing the App makes a big difference when you want to boost the App downloads in a very short time. 

App localization eases the introduction of newer Apps into the local markets as it is catered generally to the local needs and preferences. You just need to analyze the App and see from where it is generating most of its traffic. If it is not receiving downloads from the desired location, then you need to do some specific keyword and translation changes that will bring the App back to its feet. 

The way you do this is actually simple. For example: If you want your App to bring more downloads from Mexico, then you need to search which are the top keywords for App searches trending in that country. The next would be to remove the current set of keywords and replace it with the new ones and wait for a few days to notice the change. You will see that the App downloads will increase automatically because people are searching for those keywords which also come in the Top 5 searches in Mexico. 

Another way of localizing your App is by translating the entire App interface. In iOS, this is possible by choosing a localization, for example English (UK), which covers almost every country from where you need more downloads. In Android, the localization process is a bit simpler as you can add as many translations as you like and the App will be shown in the search results based on the App name and description that you have added. 

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