How to Boost Your App Ranking On Google Play Store

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In today’s day and age with the increasing App competition, it’s becoming even more difficult for App developers to reach to the top layer of App ranking . Recent reports suggest that Google Play Store hosts approximately 2.7 million Apps, wherein App developers are competing for the same market share. Very few Apps are privileged enough to have a high ranking as its still a mystery as to how Google algorithm tends to rank these Apps, leaving App developers wondering. Although with thousands of research conducted we have finally broken the code as to how you can rank your App higher: After thousands of research conducted, we have finally cracked the code as to how you can rank your App higher

Develop An Eccentric App

What makes users try an App, is its uniqueness. There of thousands of Apps who tend to have the same feature making users less reluctant to try each one. As a result, a unique idea is the one that stands between a successful and a failed App. App designers should have a clear intent as to what the App wants to achieve and how it could make it’s users life hassle-free. 

App Size

With hundreds of Apps crawling through the user’s phone, the users prefer downloading Apps that occupy less storage space. Hence, it is necessary that you reduce the size of your App to optimum level which will instruct the Google algorithm to rank your App higher on the Play Store. You can make use of these tools to achieve a lower App size – Lint, 9patch Images, Proguard and PNG optimizers.

App Design 

You may think that design doesn’t matter in front of the App’s features. However, as we all know that in the current scenario, aesthetics plays a major role in any product selling. Top rated App like Instagram and Snapchat spend a good amount of investments to make sure their Apps are visually appealing. An eye-catching and stylish design will attract more users which in turn will result in more downloads and thus further give you more exposure on the Play Store. 

Reviews And Ratings

Recent studies show that App rankings are directly linked to App ratings wherein a positive rating would directly uplift the ranking of the App. It also implies that users tend to download those Apps that have higher positive ratings than the ones with lower downloads and negative ratings. If your App is novice and recently developed, Agencies like Review Roster can help you improve your App ranking. 

User Retention 

App ranking also depends on how many users are retained by the App, i.e the duration for which the App stays installed on the user’s smartphone. This means that you have to make sure that users are hooked onto your App and that it becomes a regular member of his\her smartphone. To avoid users from uninstalling or stop using your App, you need to constantly engage users with feeds and highlight the new improvements and updates in the App. This is a key factor because Google Play Store will be constantly monitoring  for installs and uninstalls of your App and rank it accordingly.

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