Google Play Store Will Allow Users To Leave Reviews From Inside An App

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Google had recently made changes with the App rating system on Play Store where only the reviews posted in the past 3-4 months will be considered for an overall rating. The company is now testing another new feature for the Play Store where users of any App can review the App directly within the App without leaving it.

9to5Google came to know about this development first and shared pictures showing how the in-app review system for Play Store works. They were able to decompile the APK of Play store and found many line of codes that could probably be a set of new features that will be added in the future.

There is no official word from Google if this new feature would be implemented in the next update but the screenshots from the testing phase reveals how users will be leave review from inside the App.

Most of the Apps ask their users to review it on the Play Store which can be annoying for user who have to exit the App and then place their review on the Play Store. To make this ordeal go away, Google will have this feature in place where you can place reviews without leaving the App.

The screenshots for the in-app reviews shows a window that pop-ups from the bottom of the screen when the users is inside the App. Users can easily rate the App (1-5 stars) and leave a comment in this window and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

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