Developer Interview: Street Workout App For Android

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Physical workout Apps are very useful if you want to exercise and be healthy without going to a gym. Street Workout App is one such which gives you wide range of exercises that you can perform anywhere conveniently. We spoke to the developer Muslim Zabirov who gave us insights into the App and how it can help people exercise regularly.

1) From being a full stack developer to creating an App that emphasizes on fitness, what was your inspiration to build this App?

My inspiration to build this app was a street workout itself. When I was doing my 2nd-year degree in software engineering. I and my friends were a training street workout, that time we had some difficulties with accessing routines offline, then I decided to create a simple app with all routines classified by difficulties which are working offline, first it was only for myself. Then I decided to publish on Google play store, my main reason was to help others too. I thought if we had some difficulties, others might have the same.

2) Your App currently rates the highest among your competitors in the fitness industry, what sets you apart from them?

I thought of 3 things which sets me apart from them.

        First is “Simplicity”, I always follow the rules of 3 clicks and make an attractive design. All that will be nothing if you don’t use your app personally, in my case I used and I know what I need to change or remove.

        Second is “No Ads”, I understand that most of the developers use Ads platform to make money for their livings. But for me, I use my app for my street workout training and I personally prefer not seeing any ads when I do my workout.

         The third is “Offline”,  most of the time when I’m outside for a workout, I don’t have an internet connection. Also in some countries, the internet is expensive.

         And last it’s a recommendation from Google play to make a smaller size of Apk.

3) You have more than 100k downloads on your App. What was your strategy to increase the number of downloads?

To be honest, I didn’t follow any strategy to increase the number of downloads, It just happens by itself. But numbers and reviews give me the motivation to push updates. And also I’m always listening to my users and doing what is important for them and for me.

4) You seem to have a great connection with your users, what is your value system with customer feedback?

My value system with customers feedback is always answering them back. I always talk with them in detail. Their opinions about the experience they have with a street workout app are very helpful information for me to improve the app.

5) Your App doesn’t have any Ads, neither any paid subscription. What is your revenue model with this App?

There is no revenue model with this app, I don’t make any money from this app. The only revenue for me is motivation for programming and good feeling when you help many people with your project. In the future, I might think about the revenue model for this app. It will help to keep the project.

6) Apart from Street Workout App, do plan to launch any other App anytime soon?

Yes, I actually did already. It’s Jump Rope Training App, I did publish a month ago. That’s also the app which my family needed for their jump rope sessions.

7) Lastly, with so many reviews bombarding on your App from across the world, how do you track these reviews and what are thoughts on ReviewsCollect?

I’m tracking these reviews using Google play console app. Any new review I get it will show up on my phone notification, I will mediately answering them back. Reviews and ratings play an important role. ReviewsCollect is great, you can view all your app reviews and ratings in one place with useful filters.

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