Developer Interview: Sportimity For iOS And Android – Play Sports And Socialize

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Engaging in any sport activity is a great idea, but searching for people that align with your interests is not an easy task. Sportimity is a modern approach to find people who would like to get along and enjoy any ongoing sport activity in your city and also schedule your own activities. We had a chat with the developer who told us about the App and also shared some intriguing statistics on sports.

1. Sportimity looks like an essential App for people who play sports and indulge in other outdoor activities. What motivated you to build this App?

Three years ago, I moved to NYC where didn’t know where to go to playing sports and socialize.  Every day I would trying to find people to run together or play soccer. One day a friend invited me to a pick-up game. I found out that there are many pick-up games and running crews in the city, so I started to make a list of those events to keep track of them.  Because of that, friends began asking me to share this list with them and keep it updated. I realized that there is a new urban sports movement and a universal problem faced by all young professionals in big cities. With a friend, we built a basic app with maps of playgrounds and schedules of urban sports events.  Until finally, they decided to help people turn cities into outdoor gyms.

2. How good is your location coverage? Can people use it effectively?

Users can add locations/events and invite friends anywhere in the world. But in New York City they can see events from 30 local sports communities already added in the app. On top of in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Bogota we have maps with local sports locations.

3. Do you encourage people to take up sports on a daily basis through your App?

Yes. Now users get push-notifications about today’s events from their favorites sports communities and locations. Later this spring we are going to add payments in the app and the price will vary from how many events a user participated last week/month.

4. Which are the top preferred places for workouts based on your users?

The most popular areas, for now, are: East Village, North Manhattan, and North Brooklyn

5. What lies ahead for your company? Are you working on any new App?

As I said above, Sportimity app will have several new features soon. Like AI-based matching system and new design. In general, we are turning Sportimity from an app to a platform with both B2C and B2B solutions.

6.  Would you like to share something interesting about this App or sports in general?

We realized that 72% of Americans participating sports activity regularly and 50% of them prefer outdoor sports activities. According to researchers, 50% of people are not involved in sports because they don’t have someone to do it together. Altogether there’s a 240M potential users market in the US only. This is what motivates us to continue our journey.

7. Which App marketing tools do you use now? How do you track reviews and what do you think about ReviewsCollect?

We currently use only AppFigures, however, we will try ReviewsCollect, of course!

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