An Interview With After Zoom Microbe Hunter – A Game That Explores The World Of Micro Beings

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Get the scientist and researcher inside of you come alive with this incredible game based on micro organisms. After Zoom Microbe Hunter by Abylight Studios takes on a whole new thrill of scanning and capturing micro beings around you. Carlos Corella, the developer of the game, speaks about the inception of the game and the various aspects that made it successful. He was also kind enough to share some advice for the aspiring App developers.

1. How did you conceive the idea for After Zoom – Microbe Hunter?

Nacho Garcia, creative head of the studio at the time, was looking for an idea that would surprise our audience and work for Nintendo DSi. Something special on the game play side that would fit perfectly on a hardware that was limited in capabilities but had a camera.Walking through a park to come to work he saw leaves and some critters about, and thought “how cool would it be to see what exactly is in there?”. Then click, the idea was board: amplify real life images to find critters hiding in them.

2. The game looks very captivating, with different scientific scenarios. What made this approach work for you?

A real passion for knowledge, science and discovery. Also, there were way too many sudokus, puzzles and other scenarios filling the digital store already 🙂

3. What are the challenges you faced during the App’s development?

During the adaptation to iOS devices the struggle was important, we went through several stages because at first we thought the platform more powerful than it really was. Then we wanted to adapted to F2P… A real struggle I tell you.

4. How has the user feedback been so far? Are they happy with the game’s pricing?

We have received good feedback but not enough to make it representative of the audience in iOS. We have still a re-development of the IP (the idea behind the game) exclusively adapted to the Apple users.

5. What has been your marketing strategy? What marketing techniques do you use to promote your App in this heavily competitive application space?

What we are doing is create really good content, console quality content so first Apple will see us and then the users will find us. Luckily for us, at this moment, Apple is valuing quality also in the digital form, which means that quality and not quantity is the main goal of their activity when promoting the store.

6. Do you have any other Apps lined up for the future?

We have several apps already in the AppStore: Qbics Paint, sharing the same values as AfterZoom, Super Hydorah, aimed at an older audience, and RC Club, for an older audience and based on an AR experience.

7. Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring developers?

Work steadily, consistently, aiming for happiness of the soul more than the pocket, the latter might come later than wished.

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