5 Ways To Write A Killer App Description

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Your App description is truly the first thing a user reads about your App. That is your only chance to make sure users understand in a very few sentences what your App does and why they should download it. Everyone will suggest you to come up with a good logo and put up the best screenshots for users to view and check on the main features, but there is hardly anyone who will suggest you to improve your App description and make it sound attractive and up to the mark. Here’s our take on the five best ways to do it and start getting more downloads for your App.

Straight To The Point

You don’t want to bore your users by only speaking about the features and not talk about why you really want them to download your App in the first place. Think about your main selling point here and throw it in the description and people are going to read it no matter what. This also means that you should not mislead the users with false promises, but be practical in your approach and your App downloads are bound to jump up.

Look For Ideas And Experiment

There is no fixed path and condition on how you want to take your App to the next level. Sometimes, a little research on your App’s competition will help and give you a fair idea on your own mistakes and where you should be actually focussing on. That being said, it would also be great to experiment with the App description from time to time and see for any changes with the download numbers. Even a small rise in the numbers will give you the push to keep going and aim for a better position among other Apps.

What Makes Your App Unique?

You could be selling a game, a music service or a productivity App and if all you speak about is the gameplay and the latest playlists, it is definitely not going to work for you. In a market where there are already a million Apps and you want to make your mark, you have to showcase your ability to differ from them and maybe talk about an aspect which people do want to read and not skip. This trick always works and you can check the successful Apps that have built their fortune by simply being unique.

Use The Starting Lines Effectively

Humans are lazy and short on time. So, they don’t want to keep reading what you have written in those 3-4 paragraphs of your App’s description unless they are seriously interested in it or recommended by someone. The first and second lines are where you grab their eyeballs and make them download your App instantly. Don’t copy what your competitors have written, but think about what is that special thing about your App that would make the users jump of their seats and try it. Mention that honestly.

List The Main Features

Write very feature of your App and mention about them in detail. People do read when you list them out specifically and they will know exactly what they will get out of your App. Also, mention any social media links if you have for you App because that increases the chances of getting more downloads and users will also get to read the reviews of people who have used your App in the past.

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