5 Ways To Make Your App Screenshots Attractive

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The very basic thing you focus on after making your App are the “Screenshots”. You have to think about making it better than your competition, but how? Well, there are the easy ways used by several App developers, but they will get you nowhere. Your App needs to have the exposure on the App Store like any other successful App and to do this you have to get a few things right in the ground level. Here’s a list of the five different ways you can aim for some amazing screenshots.

Annotate The Features

A simple annotation over the screenshots makes a huge difference, compared to the ones only depicting the App’s interface and design. The annotations makes the screenshot stand out and offers a quick preview of the features. You can insert the words in the space around the images or you can just overlay them like how the game Apps usually do. Choice is yours.

Use iPhone Frames

Yes, Apple is totally cool with this. While most App developers do use for their Apps on App Store, it is not something unusual and you can use it to give your Apps an edge. Even a simple screenshot will do without the iPhone template, but this will make it very limited to the crowd and you may not get the attention you deserve. Also, based on user research, white phones are more preferred than the black phones for screenshots.

Try Screenshot Tools

If you don’t know how to design your App screenshots, then hiring a professional designer seems like the best option. But you will only end up wasting a lot of time and money and not get a fruitful outcome. So, it is better to go for some of the screenshot tools in the market that are not only easy to use but also give you pretty impressive visuals for free. Check some of these free screenshot tools that will help you build amazing screenshots for Android, iPhone and iPad: DaVinci Apps, PlaceIt, App Institute Screenshot Maker.

Have More Than 2-3 Screenshots

If you look at the Apps that are featured or on top charts, the number of screenshots plays a big role in getting more downloads. It is very rare that an App will be popular with only a few screenshots, like Snapchat. But a majority of the Apps that are popular do have 4-5 screenshots. We highly recommend that you try to go with 5 screenshots and if not, at least 4 screenshots to make your App unique.

Landscape Or Portrait?

This is something that gets spoken a lot about and is also debatable based on which category your App belongs to. If it’s a game App, then landscape mode will work for you and if not, then the portrait mode is definitely the right way to go. User statistics show that the 71 percent of the Apps on top charts use portrait mode. So it is ideal to go for Portrait mode than using Landscape for the Apps other than games.

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