5 Ways To Get More App Reviews

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It takes massive efforts to develop an App from scratch and publishing it on the App Store and Google Play Store. But, it will be of no use if the App does not get the downloads and reviews as expected. Success does not happen in a day and it will definitely take time for your App to have an impact, still you need to know how to work on your App’s weakness and keep improving it to get the user feedback at a faster rate. Here are some of the tips that will help you do it effectively.

Build A Good App

You need to have a solid App to get the people to download and review. This is a very important part to increase your App rankings. More happy users will ensure more crowd to your App and these users will recommend others to try the App. A simple rule is to make the App user friendly and also provide the best services when compared to your competitors.

Take Suggestions Seriously

You cannot expect to deliver a powerful product without hearing how likely your users would download your App or do the users really like the features and design that the App has to offer. The users play a major role in deciding your App’s foothold in the market.  You can put up App review pop-ups, but make sure to keep the content sincere towards the users. The user’s ratings and suggestions will help you to see what problems/issues the user is facing and also get to know what exactly the user wants in the App.

Feedback and Support

Apart from the suggestions of users, it is also essential that you keep responding to their reviews on time. Also include FAQ’s to help users sort out their difficulties where a similar issue might be faced by other users. This way you can collect feedbacks without having to only depend on reviews. Provide a 24*7 desk support for the users to clear any confusion and get in touch with a positive approach. This stands beneficial for both sides and the outcome will surely be great.

Ask for reviews

Yes, it might sound crazy but that’s one of the ways you can build up the user base you have been wanting to accomplish. Ask the users questions like if they are enjoying the App and if they say YES ask them if they would like to review the App. If they say NO, then ask if they would like to give a feedback. This way you can get more reviews and boost your App rankings. It’s a simple and flexible approach to deliver the best experience for the user.

Reward the users

Giving some incentives to the users in return for the reviews will surely make your App stand-out. This is a great way to get more users to use the App and make them happy with small rewards for their honest suggestions. Focus more on a targeted user base who use the App on a daily basis and make sure you keep them satisfied and be more than generous.

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