5 Ways To Get More Amazon Reviews

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So you just launched a product on Amazon and don’t know how exactly you get more people to check and purchase it, then you have come at the right place. We will show you how you can start getting all the 5- star, 4-star, 3–star reviews  and grow your review numbers in matter of a few months. The main goal here is not just increase the reviews but also get a genuine feedback from the masses on whether the product is worth to them? and would they really like to buy it?

Keep it real and engage the consumer

It is never easy to stray away from the usual scenario of just explaining about your product on Amazon and then leaving it there to accumulate the reviews. This certainly won’t work if you aren’t lucky enough and it will only build negative feedback among the customers. So it is important that you mention a very honest and accurate account of your product, so that users believe in what they are buying without having any complaints later on.

Get the top Amazon reviewers on board

This option is the most useful one to seek some genuine reviews that will get the consumer’s attention. So if you can somehow ask for the top Amazon reviewers to help in your mission, it would be a great deal in growing your business. They are the ones who are regularly posting reviews on Amazon and have a high popularity score with titles like “Hall of Fame Reviewer” and “Top 100 Reviewer”. Though it is easy to spot them on Amazon, signing them up for reviews needs to be done in a disciplined and polite manner like sending in a personalized E-mail or reaching them out on social media.

Search for reviewers interested in your product

This is where you need to go after your competitors and see how they have been pacing up and down with their new and old products. You can head over to your product page and check for the reviewers under “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” and “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed” options. Upon checking for a similar product like yours, you will get a fair idea on the various consumer issues and also their level of satisfaction with the product.

Send out review requests on social media

Make use of your social media accounts to engage with the followers and audience that are already using using your products and even like it. This can be considered as an unethical way of getting more people for reviews, but Amazon is pretty relaxed about it and you will benefit more than you expected. Be free to share any new updates and also any upcoming product with the audience to give them an assurance that you are legit and functioning with a goal.

Do follow-ups regularly

People purchase your product and you may get a simple review like “ This is amazing”, “Great product” on Amazon but then you are looking for a detailed review from them in the shortest time possible. So it would be smart to send them a feedback review request in a few day’s time after they get familiar the product. This would help you get a better review (whether positive or negative) and help you know where do you actually stand in the market.

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