5 Reasons You Should Monitor Your Competitor’s App Reviews

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If you want to take your App to the next level and make it appealing to the millions of people worldwide, you sure need to have a plan in place and market your apps the right way. But only marketing wont be enough. This may sound strange but checking on your competitor’s app reviews might actually be good for you. Knowing about how the competitors are doing business and what kinds of feedbacks they receive from the users on a daily basis is a useful prospect for your App’s growth.  Let’s have a look at how much you can benefit from this.

The bigger picture

For the Apps that are already successful and are doing well, they are pretty much doings things right and getting all the accolades. If you look at it from the perspective of growth, researching about them will give you a fair idea about their operations and how they handle their problems. Since we are talking here about similar area of work, the reviews and feedbacks of competitor’s App will not only help you more but also make you less prone to criticism. This will surely go a long way for your App.

Avoiding major mistakes

Who doesn’t make a mistake? Everyone does right? But there will be times when you make a big blunder and there is no coming back from that. In that case, if you knew beforehand how you can avoid those mistakes, you can actually do better in a short timeframe. There is always a time factor involved, making more mistakes means losing out on time resulting in delays to achieve your targets. So, monitoring your competitor’s App reviews will save you all this hassle.

Understanding user demands

If a user points out that they are not happy with the the color of the interface, it’s a big deal. This is because the aesthetics of the app really matters. Once the user finds the App attractive, it will automatically lead to more and more users downloading the App. That being said, one should not compromise on the App’s functioning and navigation. It’s important to keep updating your App and gets those nasty bugs fixed regularly.

Better Investments

Planning your investments in the right direction is important. For example, if you see a competitor who has a better profitability from their App on a specific store like the App store, then you should consider how investing on App Store will be better than investing on Google Play Store. Also, you can develop your own marketing strategy or refer to marketing strategies of your competitors/developers using the statistics from several of the review analytic websites.

Initiate mindful and strategic changes

One thing that will always come to your mind is ‘What is that one feature which my competitor doesn’t have?’ It may sound very basic but that is where big changes happen. Including one good feature, adding and improving on one additional attribute will prove to be a winner. This will instantly catch the eyes of the users and you can reach more of your targeted audience. All this will come at a cost, but the only way is to move ahead with interesting developments and innovations while doing your best.

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