5 Incredible App Store Optimization Hacks

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Having your App featured on the App Store is surely exciting. But without having proper optimization techniques, you won’t get enough users downloading and using the App. It’s like working hard for months on an App but not putting efforts to make it shine in the global App market. Once you improve the discoverability range of the App, the chances of increasing the targeted user base becomes higher for your App. Recent studies also show that app store searches are still the number one method to discover new apps. So, let’s have a look at 5 of the Best App Store optimization tricks.

Think Of A Nice App Name

The very basic thing to do first is come up with a name where the words are those which people would usually search for on the App Store. Also, the name should be concrete enough showing the main role of the App. You only have a few seconds to get their attention, so make the App title have more common keywords. This will improve your App rankings almost by 80-100 spots, thus increasing your App’s visibility on the App Store.

The Description Should Be On Point

This is something which many jump to instantly once they click on the App. Here you have to brief the audience on the features, design and other related aspects in a way that makes your app stand apart from the rest. Include as many core keywords as possible within the first few lines itself, this will hold a grip around the users and they will press the download button in seconds. Users are not interested in reading the entire story, the trick is to repeat the keywords as much as possible in the App’s description.

Competitive Pricing Attracts More Users

Some would consider that the App’s pricing doesn’t affect the search engine optimization much. That’s completely not true. Consider, if your competition is charging the users for a higher or lower price than yours. This comparison will give you a fair idea where you stand with your App and you can charge your users accordingly. Worst thing is to increase the price higher than the competitors, therefore, make sure you know your competitors and users well in advance.

More Focus On Visuals, Better Screenshots

Yes, screenshots are like the backbone of your App’s portfolio. If you mess them up, things will only get worse. Don’t put up unnecessary screenshots that doesn’t have an impact on the audience. Remember that what you show to the users is what sells. So, have a plan and include screenshots that show the top features, compatibility with various devices and keep the images bright and clear. You can also improve the App logo with a more unique design and give it the best resolution.

Positive Ratings and Reviews

Negative reviews will obviously take you down on your App ranking and people won’t be able to discover the App as much as you want them to. So, it’s essential that at least 70-80% of your reviews should be positive. With this,  more downloads will follow and this will give a boost to the back end developers of your App. Users want a better experience compared to your competitors, so make the App more focussed on user experience and quality of the content. This will also get you more positive reviews overall.

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