4 Ways To Get Free Users To Subscribe To Your App

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Similar to any other market, the App market relies on various strategies to attract users to go for the paid subscription. However, this is not an easy task. It requires you to check the trends on a daily basis and understand what your users like the most on your App. Also, keeping your App free for longer duration will affect your overall revenue model. Therefore, we have made a list of four ways which will help you convince your free users to pay for what they want:

Push the users to upgrade to premium content

You can offer each and every paid content to your users for free but there needs to be a threshold after which they should pay to continue using these features. Keep tracking your users from time to time and see what they actually desire in the App. When the right moment comes, send out a push message asking them to pay for the features if they wish to continue.

Charge a small fee to remove Ads

Well, Ads are probably the number one earning source for App developers. But at the same time, it could be an inconvenience factor for your users especially when the App is a game. They surely don’t want to see Ads while playing. Therefore, this could go in your favor where the users actually pay to stop seeing those Ads and enjoys the App.

Offer a limited trial to boost the conversion rate

The best way to lure your users is to offer them with all the paid content for a limited time, suppose for 15 days. This will give them an idea of these features and they can use it to their heart’s content in this trial period. Eventually, these users will get addicted and opt for the paid subscription without any second thoughts because the user actually wants to keep using the App.

Give the users exclusive rewards and benefits on subscribing

Users are always looking for some additional rewards or perks while subscribing. So, your paid App should have certain qualities like additional rewards and customization that will definitely grab the eyeballs of the free users. Ultimately, you will get more users paying for the App in a matter of few weeks or months.

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