Why ReviewsCollect Is The Best?

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We have made several new changes to the ReviewsCollect platform for an enhanced and seamless user experience. These new features are aimed to give you the best possible results when you make use of our service for tracking App reviews. It will help you search for any App review and get real-time reports across Google Play Store, App Store and Amazon. 

Real Time Reviews

The reviews for your Apps are pulled in real time so that you won’t miss any latest reviews for your App. You just have to add your App on the Dashboard, where you can access all the Apps and check for the reviews based on stars, rating, country and date. You can check the older reviews as well using the same method. 

Email Alerts

Our email alerts feature will give you the latest updates on each of the Apps that you have added for monitoring. This will make it possible for you to receive update either Daily, Monthly or Weekly based on your requirements and preferences. The report will be detailed and will give you comprehensive information on all the reviews of the Apps that you have added so far.

Export to CSV

You can have all the data exported on your computer in the form of a CSV file for quick access. There are no restrictions on the number of available exports and you can do it for as many Apps as you like.  

Filter All Reviews

Narrowing down your reviews search is very easy. You have a different set of filters at your disposal that will help you with this –  Date, Country, Language, Keyword search for any specific word, Stars to filter 1,2,3,4,5 stars. You are always shown the latest reviews first for your App and the rest date-wise. 

Reply To Reviews

At ReviewsCollect, users can reply to both Appstore as well as Google Play Store Apps under one single roof. It’s time to bid farewell to the traditional means which would leave you jumping from place to place in frustration trying to even figure out where the “reply” button is.

A Price Point That Leaves Our Competitors In Shame

We provide all the above mentioned features at just $2/month unlike our competitors who charge absurdly high prices. Our competitors are just flummoxed as to how we can provide these amazing features at such a low price point. We’re all about giving the best features at the best prices! We’ve essentially blown away the competition!

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